Motorcycle Accident Deaths

I read an article recently that truly upset me.

motorcycle accident deathsIt was about a newly married couple in Illinois. They were on their motorcycle, with friends and family ahead and behind them, traveling on a rural road to their reception party approximately 3 miles away when suddenly a deer darted out in front of them.

The husband was unable to avoid hitting the animal and the new bride was thrown off the back of their bike.

The husband suffered minor injuries but the bride, in her wedding gown, was taken to the local hospital where she, unfortunately, died approximately one hour later. From what I read the newly wedded bride had 2 children and worked as an emergency dispatcher in Illinois.

My heart goes out to her husband and family.


As I sit here writing what will be my last column before the Thanksgiving holiday and having just read the article above, along with several others, I can not help but reflect upon my own life and all that I am thankful for.

There is of course the obvious ~ my wife, my kids, a successful law practice, my health, and the health of my extended family and friends.

But I am also very thankful for the not so obvious things ~ like the fact that I have made it through another season of riding without being plastered by some lunatic who doesn’t seem to know what a stop sign means or is too busy texting to care about my life while riding on my bike.


I am also grateful that I have not ever encountered a deer while on a motorcycle ride like the couple above. I happen to live in an area where the deer are abundant and ironically, when leaving my development for work this morning one was laying dead on the side of the road.

After reporting it to the police to ensure its removal I couldn’t help but think about the person, or persons, that came into contact with the deer and whether or not they were okay. I sure hope so.

I know this column is different than most of my previous postings but given the above coincidences and being so troubled by the death of this person I simply felt the need to write about it.

Maybe it will remind us all that no matter how bad our problems may be, things could always be worse!

Happy Holidays

On a lighter note, from my family to yours – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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