Motorcycle Accident Injury in a Storage Facility

Within the last year, I received a call from a motorcycle accident injury client in South Jersey while he was lying in the hospital after having undergone surgery for a severe spiral/compound fracture in his leg.

motorcycle accident injury lawyers PAWe set up an appointment to visit him in the hospital so we could get the full story and take photographs of the external fixators which were implanted in to his leg to hold the multiple pieces of his tibia/fibia fracture in place. When I asked why he was contacting a motorcycle accident attorney, he filled me in on the details. He advised that he was out on his bike after a day of riding and was taking it back to the storage facility where he garages it.

When he finished with the details of how the motorcycle accident injury occurred, we made plans to meet at the storage facility so he could point out exactly where and how this collision occurred. Six weeks later, my assistant and I went to my client’s home and had him take us to the facility in order to photograph the layout so that we could get a better understanding of exactly what caused him to sustain these motorcycle accident injuries.

He used his access code to show us exactly how the gate operated and the fact that unlike a normal road where you drive on the right side, this facility, because of its design, forces you to go in on the left side and then as you drive up to your storage area, you are forced to make a right turn and drive to your unit.

It was apparent that one of the factors of why this collision occurred was because this facility failed to have any warning signs, directional arrows, stop signs or any type mirrors, which would allow other renters to know that somebody was coming up the main roadway before they pulled out onto the road.

After speaking with several personal injury attorneys, my client realized that given the severity of his injuries, he wanted a specializing motorcycle accident lawyer to handle his motorcycle accident claim.

Shortly after meeting with our new client, we commenced our own legal investigation. We began with the police report which named the other party, whom we believed caused this accident. However, this person was listed as a witness and apparently moved from place to place and was difficult to locate in order to obtain legal service on her. Finally, after an exhaustive search, my assistant located where she worked, and we were able to serve her at her place of employment.

To date, the owners of the storage facility have hired attorneys, however despite obtaining appropriate service on whom we believe is one of the main causes of the accident, we have not yet heard back from an insurance company or a lawyer on that persons behalf.

Luckily, my client, as a result of reading years of my columns, purchased uninsured motorist coverage from his motorcycle insurance company and his auto insurance company giving us a specific sum of money to recover if it turns out that the other individual is uninsured, and the facility denies liability.

As of this date, we have still not heard back from the individual we served and intend on filing for a default judgment. I will keep you all informed on how all this plays out.

If you have had a similar incident, or any other motorcycle accident injury in PA or NJ, please contact Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney Lee D. Gaber, The “Cycle Attorney” at 1-888-cycle-law for a free consultation.

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