Motorcycle Attorneys for Accident Settlement in Pennsylvania

motorcycle attorneys Pennsylvania motorcycle accident settlementAs motorcycle attorneys, our goal is always to get you a fair motorcycle accident settlement in Pennsylvania to compensate you for any loss — the goal is not to go to trial.

We are not “Suing” anyone.

What we are doing is simply making sure the insurance companies are aware that a motorcycle accident attorney has been hired for your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claim, and is making sure the claim is properly set-up.

This keeps them honest! They know that when motorcycle attorneys are involved they can’t get away with bullying tactics.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Attorneys Are Not All the Same for Your Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Why Call Lee? You definitely want an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to protect your rights. I’ve seen it all, and am very confident in my process.

Call 1-888-292-5352 to discuss my process.

To begin the claim process, I set up a call with you to go over the entire case and discuss my views on the value of the claim.

There is no such thing as a “motorcycle accident settlement calculator”.

Together we come up with a number which would fairly and adequately compensate you, without the need for litigation. This motorcycle accident settlement amount becomes our demand, which along with all of our supporting evidence, is forwarded to the insurance adjuster, to be reviewed.

I listen to all of your concerns about your personal injuries and how you have recovered.

The amount of the demand can range anywhere from about $5,000 to several million dollars, depending, of course, on how severe the accident injuries are, and what level of pain and suffering you are experiencing.

There are other factors to be considered, but they are usually fact specific. Motorcycle attorneys also include any photo’s showing your personal injuries and the damage to your cycle or any property damage from the cycle accident.

Once the demand package has been reviewed, we can generally tell from the initial response whether the case will be resolved or need to be litigated and I will be your motorcycle injury attorney for a lawsuit filing.

Fortunately our law firm rate of amicable motorcycle accident settlements, with client approval of course, is approximately 93%! The remainder of the cases may end up in some form of litigation, which usually resolves through a more formal PA motorcycle accident settlement proceeding known as Mediation or Arbitration, with an even smaller percentage making it through all the way to trial.

Again motorcycle attorneys are typically trying to settle without going to trial.

Free motorcycle accident consultation

Attorneys Get Larger Accident Settlements for Victims

Motorcycle attorneys typically get larger motorcycle accident settlements than insurance companies offer victims themselves.

Given that our law firm focuses on accidents in Pennsylvania, and naturally involve serious personal injuries, our average motorcycle accident settlement is probably very close to the six-figure range. This is much more than the typical rider can negotiate on his or her own.

Remember, this is merely an average settlement as we have had multiple cases which have settled for well over a million dollars and then we have had many accident cases, which based on the personal injuries involved where likely worth more than a million dollars.

If you have been in an accident and have lost wages as a result, you should also be aware that I will help you recover lost wages.

Free Consultation and Motorcycle Accident Case Review

Contact PA motorcycle accident attorney Lee D. Gaber, Esq. at 1-888-292-5352 (1-888-cycle-law) for help with that too.

Good motorcycle attorneys are invaluable to you!

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