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Legal Terminology

Motorcycle Accident Claim

A motorcycle accident claim, contrary to popular belief, is not suing for a motorcycle accident. It is the reporting of the accident to the proper entity to receive remuneration for the accident in a number of categories.

This entity is almost always an insurance company in everyday practice. Motorcycle accident attorney insurance discussion

Motorcycle Accident Settlement

A motorcycle accident settlement is the concession of parties involved in the accident, typically the personally injured rider (and their motorcycle accident attorney), and the insurance company (and their attorneys) to pay for damages, both physical and otherwise.

Settlements are in lieu of litigating an accident in court, going to arbitration or mediation. Motorcycle attorneys views

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

A motorcycle accident lawsuit will become necessary if your motorcycle crash attorney is unable to convince the insurance company to settle your accident claim outside of litigation or mediation.  

A lawsuit is typically synonymous with “suing”. Motorcycle injury attorney views

Motorcycle Accident Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is the legal term for the physical and emotional stress caused from a motorcycle accident injury.

When filing a claim as a result of an motorcycle injury, it is common to seek money both in compensation for actual monetary loss (such as lost wage earning opportunity or out of pocket medical bills) and for the pain and stress associated with virtually any injury. Motorcycle lawyer views

Property Damage

Property damage, in a motorcycle accident, refers to the non-bodily destruction of physical property such as the motorcycle itself, helmets, gloves, and  belongings that  were on the cycle at the time of the accident. Motorcycle accident lawyers discussion

 Recovery of Motorcycle Accident Medical Bills

Your motorcycle crash attorney can help you to recover medical bills incurred as a result of a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania.

This is accomplished either by negotiating a settlement out of court, or by prevailing in a motorcycle accident lawsuit. Motorcycle injury lawyer discussion

Lost Wages Reimbursement

Your Pennsylvania motorcycle crash attorney will include, in a motorcycle accident claim, any wages that you missed out on earning as a result of being unable to work after your motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania. Motorcycle attorney comments

Adequate Motorcycle Accident Insurance

Motorcycle accident insurance, unlike auto insurance, typically does not include any medical benefits.

Therefore you need to specifically think about the insurance coverages you carry to allow enough reimbursement for possible injuries in addition to property damaged as a result of your accident. motorcycle personal injury lawyer discussion

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