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motorcycle injury attorney Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawsuitWhenever a victim is told to look for motorcycle accident attorneys, such as myself, the first thing that most of them think is… do I really need a attorney? and do I really want to bring a motorcycle accident lawsuit against the individual responsible for my injuries?

I can tell you with over 22 years of motorcycle accident experience to back me up, that the client’s who have been unlucky enough to have been involved in an accident before, know from their past experiences that they need a motorcycle injury attorney.

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Making the Decision to Hire a PA Motorcycle Injury Attorney

It is the personal injury victim who has never been involved in a prior accident who seems to need the most encouragement before they actually pick up the phone and call a motorcycle injury attorney. Often a friend is standing right next to them giving them the extra little push they need to make the no obligation call to 1-888-292-5352.

You should not have any reservations about calling me. It’s just a conversation about what happened to you.

After I listen to their version of events, I go on to explain that at this point we are not filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit against anyone and actually our goal, is to never have to file an accident lawsuit period.

In virtually every situation, the filing of a motorcycle accident lawsuit in Pennsylvania is the option of last resort, after we have tried our best to amicably resolve your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claim.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Evaluation

Even if we arrive at the point where we absolutely cannot reach a settlement with the insurance company for your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident claim, we have a number of options other than filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit in Pennsylvania. This does lengthen the process but rarely ever makes the time period as long as many people assume it will be.

Generally speaking, the only time we will file a motorcycle injury lawsuit quickly is when the insurance company responsible for handling the personal injury claim unreasonably denies your accident claim.

This does happen on the rare occasion, but only when the responsible party is being totally unreasonable with regard to how the motorcycle accident happened.

In those limited cases, not only will we file your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawsuit but we will “fast-track” it by sending out our written discovery requests at the same time we file the lawsuit and also will schedule the depositions (questioning under oath) as soon as possible.

Good motorcycle attorneys can force a motorcycle accident settlement in a matter of weeks if not days.

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I have found that by pushing the motorcycle lawsuit through the system in Pennsylvania, and getting the responsible party in a room, under oath and in front of a court reporter, I can usually shred their version of events, resulting in a motorcycle accident settlement.

Although I have had many clients insist they do not want a motorcycle accident lawsuit, once the entire situation is discussed and explained, many quickly change their mind and rarely has a client ever regretted taking my advice on this point.

Free motorcycle accident consultation

Hire an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney in PA

So next time you are considering calling motorcycle accident lawyers for a property damage claim, or a motorcycle attorney to recover lost wages , or a motorcycle lawyer for pain and suffering, please don’t hesitate simply because you may have heard some specific motorcycle accident attorney took a long time to resolve a motorcycle accident claim in PA.

If you have questions about Pennsylvania motorcycle lawyers and how we can help you with a PA motorcycle crash, please feel free to call me at 1-888-292-5352 (1-888-cycle-law). I’m available 24/7!

You can send a messageĀ online for Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney Lee D. Gaber, Esq., or call and I promise to explain every detail about your accident claim, from start to finish.

Best of all no matter how long we speak or how much work I do on your behalf you will never be charged a fee for any consultation!

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