Should You File Motorcycle Injury Claims Yourself?

While it is possible to handle motorcycle injury claims yourself, you will find that working with a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer provides many advantages and gives you a significantly improved chance of receiving a successful recovery amount from your accident.

motorcycle injury claims in PAYou assume no risk in hiring a motorcycle accident attorney. Your consultation is completely free, and you pay nothing unless either a successful motorcycle accident settlement is reached or a judgment is won for you.

If I take your case, you know I feel you have a great chance of winning because I don’t make any money unless you do.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Relieve Your Stress

In the period of time following an accident, as you deal with your injuries and the shock from the accident, you don’t need the additional worry of having to file motorcycle injury claims. My motorcycle accident law firm will do all the research for your case and file all the necessary paperwork.

What is the First Advice I Have?

Don’t make a recorded statement without consulting a motorcycle accident attorney first. If you have already made one, don’t worry, we’ll handle that – but it is best to hold off on discussions with the companies involved. As your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney I am an expert in handling motorcycle injury claims negotiations and will take that burden completely
off your shoulders.

How Do I Determine How Much to Ask For?

I have extensive experience with motorcycle injury claims and will carefully calculate potential costs of your recovery to determine how large of a settlement you will need in order to pay for your injuries. Circumstances will come up that you may not anticipate if handling your claim on your own, perhaps years into the future. I will be sure that everything that can be foreseen will be covered by your settlement.

Call me, Lee D. Gaber, Esquire, The Cycle Attorney, at 1-888-292-5352 (1-888-CYCLE-LAW) 24/7. I look forward to helping you with your Pennsylvania or New Jersey claim.

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