Drivewise: “Big Brother” Is Watching

Recently I received a 6 x 8 inch postcard advertising Allstate’s version of a device originated by Progressive, called Snapshot. Allstate calls its device “Drivewise”. It’s a solicitation requesting that I change my insurance to Allstate and request this magical device that is going to shrink my insurance rates up to 60%, if I accept their offer.

Pennsylvania motorcycle wreck lawyersWhile this may seem like a generous offer, I can assure you that if Allstate and Progressive are offering this program, it won’t be long before the rest of the major insurance companies will offer their own program, under the guise of saving us money. Then it won’t be long until they figure out a way to attach these types of devices to our motorcycles.

I want to make sure all of you understand exactly what is going on here.

In my opinion, the insurance companies have not all of a sudden become benevolent in their practices by trying to figure out ways to save us money, but rather they are trying to convince us to sign up for these programs so they can track the way we drive.

They want to know if we are speeding, blowing stop signs or driving recklessly in any manner. Then they will download this information, or this information will be automatically downloaded into their computers, and the next thing you know your auto/motorcycle rates will begin to increase. Before you know it, they may even share their information with the police!

Truthfully I find this type of advertising to be offensive, as the insurance companies are now using celebrities and spokespeople who have now become “pseudo” celebrities, to endorse these products in an attempt to convince us that this is the “magic bullet” that will save us all from high insurance premiums.

Just Say No to Big Brother

I know full well that I am writing for the benefit of my clients in motorcycle magazines and on my website, but I assure you that once these companies have devised a way to attach these devices to our motorcycles and if and when an accident happens, you will be searching for a motorcycle wreck lawyer to help recover your property damage, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, if you have attached one of these devices to your motorcycle, or trike, one of the first things the insurance company will check is the data their device downloaded to their computers. You can be sure if the data helps them fight your NJ or PA motorcycle accident claim, they will use it. In that case you will definitely need a motorcycle accident attorney.

We urge you to NOT allow yourself to be seduced by the insurance advertisements. But, if you are, and they try to get out of paying, simply call the Cycle Attorney, Lee Gaber, Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at 1-888-cycle-law (1-888-292-5352).

If you Google motorcycle accident lawyer, you may be directed to other attorneys who say they represent bikers and handle motorcycle accidents, but I can assure you that after 22 years in the business I know virtually every attorney who holds himself out as a specialist in handling motorcycle accidents and truth be told, there are very few that have the expertise to hold themselves out as a specialist in this area.

For my younger readers, the Big Brother reference

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