Teen Motorcycle Riders Must Pass PA Motorcycle Safety Course

pa-motorcycle-safety-courseIn 2012, Pennsylvania passed a law requiring all teens to who want to ride a motorcycle to first complete a PA motorcycle safety course. Act 84 of the PA. M.V.F.R.L. requires riders who are seeking a motorcycle license to first complete Pennsylvania’s basic motorcycle safety class. The course is free and is offered all over the state by qualified motorcycle safety instructors. I actually completed the PA motorcycle safety course myself sometime in the 90’s, and was required to basically be covered from head to toe in a full face D.O.T. approved helmet and gloves. However, the course is free and they do supply the bike.

As a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney, I will say that I enjoyed the class and find myself actually thinking about the instructions I learned, such as looking through the curve and keeping my knees against the tank.

The PA motorcycle safety course provides five hours in a classroom and ten hours on the course. These fifteen hours can also be applied toward the now required 65 hours of training in order to get an auto license. However, I suggest some “off-road” training first because they will politely tell you not to come back if the instructors think you don’t have what it takes to ride a motorcycle.

Lastly, regardless of PA’s motorcycle law, you must have your helmet on the entire time while operating a motorcycle. Currently I don’t believe NJ offers a “free” class like Pennsylvania, but when and if they do I will keep you informed.

Finally, as you have all been hearing, healthcare is now mandatory through “ObamaCare.” A good percentage of my clients do not have health coverage. However, for those of you who do not have it, you need to get to a computer to enroll, or speak to your boss and find out how to go about getting it. Just like the other coverage on your motorcycle policy, you need to look into getting medical coverage. If you ever need it, it will be worth every cent and it may not end up costing much at all.

As always, if upon reading this material you have any questions regarding the PA motorcycle safety course, please call Lee D. Gaber, Esquire at 1-888-292-5352 (888-CYCLE-LAW) for help from a Pennsylvania motorcycle lawyer who understands your needs and lifestyle.

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