Insurance Companies Use Trained Negotiators for Cycle Claims

cycle-claims-paNegotiation is both an art and a skill, and insurance companies are well aware that having trained negotiators will work to their benefit. This is especially true when they are talking about cycle claims with someone who is frazzled from having been injured in a motorcycle accident, and is probably not aware that a sophisticated game of words begins as soon as the conversation starts.

You want to be honest and truthful about what happened in your motorcycle accident, but caution is advised in all conversations with insurance company representatives. As a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney who has negotiated all types of cycle claims over many years, I can give you a heads up about where to be careful.

What Tactics Do They Employ in Cycle Claims?

Timing will be attempted to be used against you. An offer of compensation may be put forward, but only if you accept within a short period of time. The amount of the offer will probably be low, and you will have not had enough time to evaluate how much money you will need into the future.

Pressure to Settle

The agent may lean on you and try to convince you that the offer for your cycle claim is generous and fair, and that they are the experts in determining what it right for your situation. You have no reason to accept an offer that you are unsure about or that you do not completely understand.

Recorded Statements

You may be asked to give a recorded statement about what happened in the motorcycle accident. I recommend declining to give this statement, and to talk first with a motorcycle accident lawyer. Once you are down on tape you can’t take it back, and it is best to be sure about what you want to say before making any definitive declarations in cycle claims.

Waiting You Out

If you don’t accept an initial offer, they can try to delay the process in order to force you into a situation where your options become limited. The insurance company is not struggling to pay bills, but you may be. Hospital bills, mortgage, rent, and vehicle payments build up quickly.

Working with an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

You should talk to me first, at no cost to you, preferably before you talk with the insurance agents. If you’ve already had conversations with them, no problem, we’ll take it from where you are. I have years of experience in negotiation, and am familiar with the way they will try to minimize the benefit to you.

Call Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer, Lee D. Gaber, Esquire, the Cycle Attorney, today at 1-888-292-5352 (1-888-CYCLE-LAW) to pass off the burden of cycle claims negotiation onto my shoulders. Let’s team up to gain financial compensation for your injuries.

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